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backstreet's back... okay, it's just me
Um, hello. This is awkward. The other day I had a random string of thoughts that led me to this one: "Remember when I had that livejournal? ...plasticcouch?" and here I am. I just read every entry from 2004 to 2008, when I was last actively writing here.

Ten years. It's been close to ten years since I first started this little bitty journal, ten year exactly is you count the Blurty I had before it (oh no, now I have to track that down...) back when a "blog" was only a certain website and, as I pointed out in one of my entries, wearing ties as belts was considered the "in" thing to do. Woah, Nelly.

Rico (yep, he's still kickin') is snoring on the bed that I bought for our dog, Knox. I am married. It's so weird to know that, when I post this, an entry with the words, "I am married" will be in the same universe as, "I've never felt like I was going to get married or ever really wanted to." It's so strange - the mixture of so many things that have not even begun to change swirled in with all the things that have metamorphosed dramatically since my high school and even college years.

The one that has changed though, even from 2004 to 2006 as I saw it, is the utter fearlessness with which I could write. And the imagination and the ferocity and the quirkiness. I had heard about that thing that happens, that when you get old your soul dies or what not, but to actually have physical evidence of it here is creepy to say the least.

Livejournal no longer asks me what music I'm listening to as I write this. How rude. For the record, I'm listening to Rico's snoring. You already knew that. I am also offended that livejournal thinks its own name is misspelled here with its spell check. Sillyness. Also, where are all my old friends and their journals?? They just got ousted and I have to magically remember each weird random name if I want to read their old entries? Seriously? Rude.

Anywoo. I'm out like an outtie belly button, for old time's sake. :) Maybe I'll find my way back here again soon.


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